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Pakistan's First The All Girl Band
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We have so many professions in Pakistan that are filled to the brim with men in general BUT guess what? times are changing and women are rising in all professions and now we cannot just associate any profession to a specific gender. In today’s snippet, I am going to talk about Pakistan’s First All Girl Band. Yes, you read it right, ALL-GIRL!

Have you heard about the super cool Pakistan’s First All Girl Band? If not, then read along and get to know more about this amazing All Girl band.

The All Girl Band (also known as TAGBand) is a first Pakistani musical band which comprises of 5 girls and each one of them is amazingly talented. The band was originally formed back in 2016 and released many covers over the period of time.

Team of Wonder-Women!

The band composes of Anna Salman, she is the lead vocalist and guitarist. Then, its Amal Nadeem, she is the violinist and ukulele player, isn’t it awesome? Moving on, Mishal Faheem is the drummer, Mahnoor Shah is the bassist and Sumera Waris is the tabla player. The band shows the versatility and have strong grip over their skills!

All Girl Band Fact 1: Sumera Waris is Pakistan’s first professional female table player.

All Girl Band Fact 2: Amal Nadeem – a professional violinist and ukulele player.

The TAGband first appeared on the sets of Nescafe Basement (Season 4) and was formed by the music maestro Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan (Xulfi). Their rendition of ‘Love Me Again’ by John Newman took the country by storm, and was even called “dope” in a tweet by the original artist, John Newman. If you haven’t heard this song yet then its time to sooth your ears, listen to ‘Love Me Again’ by Anna Salman.

Since then, The All Girl Band has released an original song in collaboration with Khaadi, by the name of Choo Lia Asmaan and have raved the waves of music in Pakistan. The All Girl Band has also collaborated and worked with numerous top-notch brands including Pepsi, Mocciani, and PTCL.

The All Girl Band is all set to change the perceptions of “women can’t do everything” to “women can do everything”. They believe in women empowerment and aims to achieve their set goals through the power of music. The band has performed on many prominent events, including but not limited to, TEDx, on the launch of YouTube, PAS Awards, PCP Pepsi Future 11 Ceremony, and many other events. The All Girl Band have also performed on concerts along with different Pakistani artists such as Ali Zafar and Ali Azmat.


With female members, who have all lived in a country still stuck in the second wave of feminism, who are currently experiencing struggles of females at the level of students, employees and musicians, they want to focus on raising awareness for women empowerment through music. The All Girl Band is looking forward to bring a positive impact in the society while demolishing the negative concepts and stereotypes held against the progress of women in different industries.

This will be approached multifold. They aim to achieve this through their social media presence by using Facebook and Instagram pages. They also plan to promote organizations which are working towards improving the quality of life for females in the country. Furthermore, they plan to raise awareness about women rights and women empowerment through their concerts, and will be releasing original content based on the problem’s women face in the world today.



Anna Salman - The All Girl Band

Anna Salman is the Lead Vocalist of The All Girl Band. At the age of 10, Anna discovered her passion for music. Since then she has been writing songs and started singing – original songs. She also started playing the guitar and ukulele shortly after appearing on Nescafe Basement (Season 4) as a vocalist for four songs. Apart from performing on numerous occasions with the All Girlband, she was also called to work with some of the renowned brands such as Pepsi, Mocciani, and Khaadi. Anna has also collaborated with different underground artists including Hatim on EDM.


Mishal Faheem - The All Girl Band

Meet our next most talented – Mishal Faheem! She is the Drummer of the All Girl Band. She found her passion and love for drumming at an early age of 9, and continued to enhance her skills over a period of time by practicing on different types of drums including but not limited to Arabian Duff, Cajon and Roto Toms. She is also interested in performing different experiments using her drum skills in different genres but for her experiment with the jazz beats them all. She also played violin for a brief period of time and was selected as a backing vocalist as well as a drummer at Nescafe Basement (Season 4).


Sumaira Waris - The All Girl Band

Meet Pakistan’s first female table player – Sumaira Waris. She started learning playing table at the age of 12 only, and since then she never looked back. After taking lessons from her father for the first 5 years, she then started to learn tabla from Sir Kashif Ali Dani Khan (a renowned tabla player of Punjab Gharana).

At All Pakistan Music Conference Sumaira won a gold medal, and was later on invited on Nescafe Basement (Season 4) to perform.


Amal Nadeem - The All Girl Band

Amal Nadeem is a very talented violinist. The melodious violin music is soothing to the ears. She started her formal lessons for the violin at the age of 4 and learned different rhythmic tunes like a Pro. Later on, Amal went on to perform in 6 different songs of Nescafe Basement (Season 4). Due to her amazing skills, she was then called to perform in a project for Khaadi, was also featured in multiple TEDx events and managed several university level concerts.

Amal is now working independently to release covers and originals, and with the band to produce content in the capacity of a violinist, guitarist, pianist, ukulele player and a songwriter.


I am very impressed by these talented girls who are using the medium of music to promote women empowerment, equality and peace. It’s just a start of their successful future, I am looking forward to see the All Girl Band rise and shine in future. Wishing them all the success ahead! You go girls!

You can follow the All Girl Band on Facebook and YouTube.


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  2. Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb girls ………
    Show the girls power and prove it….. Carry on the Good work… All the best girls. Wishes all the best 🙂 🙂 🙂

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