DAAD Scholarship 2019-2020 for Germany

Daad scholarship is one of the most prestigious and availed scholarships by International students. Daad Scholarship 2019-2020 applications are open and have accepting entries from the students of developing countries. Make sure to check the list of eligible countries that are supported in the programme “Development-Related Postgraduate Courses” before you apply.

The whole process of Daad scholarship is smooth if performed correctly. I have personally gone through and completed the Daad application for postgraduate studies and thought of helping the students, especially Pakistani students who want to pursue their Masters or Ph.D. in Germany on fully-funded scholarships.

What is DAAD Scholarship?

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is a Government-run entity which provides fully-funded scholarships in Germany for international students. An extensive range of postgraduate courses at German Universities are supported by this scholarship which aims at providing specialized studies to young professionals from the underdeveloped countries.

Details about Daad Scholarship 2019-2020

After being selected for the scholarship you will have the chance to live and study in Germany. Most importantly, your masters or Ph.D. will be fully funded and you will become eligible to receive a monthly stipend, along with health, accident and personal liability insurance, and a reasonable amount of travel grant as well if not covered by the home country.

  • For Masters or postgraduate course, you will get a stipend of 750 Euros per month
  • For doctoral or Ph.D., you will receive 1000 Euros as a monthly stipend
  • The scholarship duration is applicable on 12 to 24 months of Masters and 36 Months for PhDs

Please note that you need to apply separately to universities for admission and then apply for Daad Scholarship. Make sure to check eligibility criteria and application deadline for the courses. I would advise you to see the list of universities and application deadlines and plan accordingly. Admission to the university is a prerequisite for receiving a DAAD scholarship.

List of Disciplines/Field of Study

You may find relevant courses in the following fields of study for Masters or Ph.D.:

  • Economic Sciences
  • Business Administration
  • Political Economics
  • Development Cooperation
  • Engineering and Related Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Regional and Urban Planning
  • Agricultural and Forest Sciences
  • Natural and Environment Sciences
  • Medicine and Public Health
  • Social Sciences
  • Education and Law
  • Media Studies

I would recommend you to go through the full list of eligible courses for 2020/2021 session.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the Daad Scholarship you must meet the eligibility criteria. Following points need to be met for selection:

  • An undergraduate or bachelor’s degree (normally four years) in the relevant field.
  • At least two years of related professional experience after the first degree (bachelor).
  • The recent education received should not be more than six years old.

Information and Documents required to complete Daad Scholarship 2019-2020

  • Download the Daad Scholarship Application Form and fill it with your credentials. Followed by a signature and current date.
  • Personally, signed CV. with the current date (makes sure to use/check the sample Europass form at http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/ for guidance
  • Personally, signed Letter of Motivation (with reference to current occupation and choice of postgraduate programme(s), two pages maximum) with the current date.
  • Academic Letter/s of Recommendation from your university; the letter must have a letterhead, signature, and official stamp and must be of the current date (not in a sealed envelope)
  • Letter of recommendation from your current employer; the letter must have letterhead, a signature, and official stamp and must be of the current date (not in a sealed envelope)
  • Certificate(s) of Employment from the employer(s) that proof a minimum of two years of relevant working experience (after the bachelor degree) at the time of application and if possible, a guarantee of re-employment from your current employer upon returning home.

IMPORTANT: When applying for more than one postgraduate course (maximum 3 courses), you have to submit one motivation letter explaining why you are applying for these specific courses and why you chose that priority.

Proof of Language Skills:

  • English – IELTS or TOEFL (Note: The institutional TOEFL is not accepted)
  • German – required for courses taught in German
  • Copies of Academic Degrees (certified translation if necessary)
  • Copies of Academic Transcripts, incl. grading-scale (certified translation if necessary)

IMPORTANT: For Pakistani students/applicants it is mandatory to get their educational documents attested by their board and HEC. I would recommend you to get your Bachelors degree and its copies attested by HEC and Ministry of Foreign Affairs as soon as you can. 

Final Thoughts

Daad scholarship for Pakistani students can turn out to be a game-changer in terms of education. The applications are already open. Start collecting your documents and get the attested/notarized. Look for relevant universities and courses and apply away. Finally, complete your Daad application and send it for review.

If you have any queries or need guidance with the Daad application process then feel free to leave a comment here and I will get back to you.

Best of luck!

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